USA Farm Laborer Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

USA Farm Laborer Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a Farmer? If you are seeking a farm laborer job in the USA. That is a great opportunity for you. Join UC Riverside’s team as a Farm Laborer! They are looking for dedicated individuals to help with agricultural tasks, greenhouse maintenance, and irrigation on their campus. Whether you are seeking part-time or full-time work, this position lets you be a key player in their commitment to excellence and diversity. Apply now!

Job Details:

Job Title: Farm Laborer
Organization: University of California, Riverside
Job Location: USA 900 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92521
Job Type: Part-time Full-time
Yearly Salary: $40,653 – $50,550
Hourly Salary: $18 – $20
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

Under careful guidance, the Farm Laborer will carry out various tasks in agriculture, such as weeding, planting crops, thinning rows, pruning citrus trees, harvesting, applying fertilizer by hand, setting up portable sprinklers, connecting irrigation hoses, and maintaining PVC irrigation systems. This role requires using basic hand tools, driving light trucks, and assisting with greenhouse activities.

Company Overview:

UC Riverside is in Southern California, farm has 1,200 acres which are beautiful campus near Box Springs Mountain. They study important things like air, water, energy, and more. It’s a diverse university that cares about creating a friendly academic place for everyone.

Job Position:

  • Farm Laborer

Educational Qualification:

A Farm Laborer job for candidates who have a high school diploma or equivalent. Higher education is not required. The job for candidates to have a valid driver’s license is required.

Age and Experience:

A Farm Laborer job candidates have a minimum of 1-2 years of general agricultural work experience. The Farm Laborer’s work experience is planting, pruning, and maintaining row, tree, and vine crops.

Preferred Skills:

For the job of a Farm laborer candidates have a knowledge of basic tree care, greenhouse care, and irrigation systems. The candidates have the ability to operate light pick-up trucks.

Job responsibility:

A farm laborer position comes with several benefits, including:

  • Hoe weeds, transplant vegetable or tree crops, thin row crops, prune, and sucker citrus
  • Harvest crops and perform hand application of fertilizer
  • Set up portable sprinklers, connect irrigation hoses, and use micro-sprays
  • Maintain and repair PVC irrigation systems
  • Operate light trucks and utilize simple hand tools for various tasks
  • Support greenhouse activities through unskilled or semi-skilled tasks

Salary and Benefits:

A farm laborer job is given a salary 40,653$ to 50,550$ per year The hourly salary is pay $18.90 – $23.50. The farm laborer job position includes many benefits complying with all applicable university policies and collective bargaining agreements. Many benefits may be included such as health insurance and retirement plans.

Visa Sponsorship:

The University of California is providing a visa for a Farm Laborer Job. External candidates can apply without any financial requirements. The visa expenses are fully covered by the University of California.

How To Apply?

Interested in a career as a farmworker in the USA? Apply for Farm Laborer positions by submitting your resume and essential documents online through the University of California’s official website. This is a golden opportunity for both US residents and candidates from other countries, as visa sponsorship is available. Don’t miss out on this chance.

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