Canada Dairy Farm Worker Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Canada Dairy Farm Worker Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Are you searching for a Job in Canada? That’s a great opportunity for you Canada H.M.G.Farms Inc. needs a dairy farm worker. To make the team part of these dairy farm workers. In the job your role is taking care of cows, helping with calving, milking, and keeping the farm clean. If you want a work in Canada and make a part of a dairy farm. This chance is for you.

Job Details:

Job Title: Dairy Farm Worker
Company: H.M.G. Farms Inc.
Job Type: Permanent, Full-time
Location: Canada Lancaster, ON
Salary: 25$-$30 per hour
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

In this job, you will help with the birth of baby animals and make sure H.M.G.Farms Inc. farm animals stay healthy. Your main tasks will be taking care of cows, milking them, keeping the place tidy, and following the best ways to care for animals. If you love farming, They are happy to train you even if you haven’t done this kind of work before.

Company Overview:

H.M.G. Farms Inc. in Lancaster, ON is a great dairy farm. They make awesome dairy products and really care about their cows. They always do things in a way that’s good for the environment, and their team loves working here!

Job Positions:

  • Dairy farm worker


A dairy farm worker job does not require any degree, certificate, or diploma. Candidates do not need higher education; a minimum of primary education is sufficient. Educational background is preferred.


Dairy farms welcome candidates with no need for any experience. Candidates should be knowledgeable about animal care, including caring for baby animals, and know how to milk cows. Candidates must have knowledge about dairy farm work.

Work Site Environment:

At H.M.G.Farms Inc. farm, your job as a Dairy Farm Worker is all about taking care of animals, especially cows. You’ll be busy helping with tasks like helping cows give birth and milking them every day. Get ready to be a big part of our farm’s daily activities!


Dairy farm worker job involves some main tasks, which are the following:

  • Help cows give birth safely
  • Make sure our animals are healthy and happy during calving
  • Milk the cows carefully
  • Keep everything clean and tidy
  • Make sure the cows are comfortable

Additional Information:

A dairy farm of H.M. Farms Inc. is seeking suitable candidates. The job for candidates requires proficiency in the English language. The position is permanent and full-time.

Duty Time:

The dairy farm worker’s job duty time is 12 to 40 hours per week. Monday to Friday are regular on-duty, and Saturday or Sunday is a holiday. On Saturday or Sunday, another farmer performs a duty.

Salary and Benefits:

The dairy farm worker is paid $25 to $30 per hour. The company provides free living, food, and other accommodations.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in farming jobs and possess skills related to agriculture and dairy farming, to apply, candidates must first complete all the specified criteria. Candidates wishing to apply for the job and seek more information can call the company at 613-577-7410. H.M.G.Farms Inc.’s dairy farm job is a great opportunity that does not require any money. The company is offering visa sponsorship, and all travel expenses are covered by the company.

  • Contact Number: 613-577-7410

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