UK Seasonal Worker Visa for Agriculture (2024): Eligibility & Application

UK Seasonal Worker Visa for Agriculture (2024): Eligibility & Application

Are you seeking garden work in the UK but don’t have special skills? The UK Seasonal Worker Visa can be your ticket! This guide will help you understand how to apply for it in 2024. They all explain who can apply, how to apply, and list some companies that can help you get started.

Understanding the UK Seasonal Worker Visa:

The UK wants more people to help with farming. They made a special visa for this. Now, they’re giving out 55,000 visas for temporary work. People from other countries can use these visas to work in things like picking fruits and vegetables, growing flowers, and taking care of chickens.

Eligibility Criteria:

To make a qualify for UK Seasonal Worker Visa. The applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements:

  1. Age Requirement
  2. Sponsorship Certificate
  3. Financial Capability
  4. Accommodation and Benefits
  5. Job Offer

Age Requirement:

For the UK agricultural work job applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Sponsorship Certificate:

To work in the UK during certain times, you need a special paper from a UK boss who offers temporary jobs.

Financial Capability:

If you want to come to the UK, you need to have £1,270 in your bank account which is used for your rent, food, and living expenses.

Accommodation and Benefits:

The agricultural workers need a paper from the sponsor that says they’ll give us a place to stay, food to eat, and other good stuff.

Job Offer:

The agricultural applicants must secure a job offer for seasonal work in the UK.

Application Process:

The application process for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa involves some requirements:

  1. Job Search
  2. Online Application
  3. Submission of Documents
  4. Biometrics
  5. Visa Decision

Job Search:

Check out jobs for people from other countries who come to work in the UK for a while.

Online Application:

Go online to find the job you want. Use trusted websites or the company’s own site. Then, pay the fee to apply.

Submission of Documents:

Bring important papers like your passport, a letter saying someone’s sponsoring you, a job offer, and proof you have enough money for the first month in the UK, like bank papers.


Go to a special appointment where they take your fingerprints and pictures.

Visa Decision:

Wait to hear back about your visa. It usually takes three to four weeks.

Notable Sponsorship Companies:

In the UK, many good companies help people get visas for seasonal work which are the following:
Concordia UK Ltd.

  1. AG Recruitment
  2. Fruitful Jobs Limited
  3. Pro-Force Limited
  4. Haygrove Recruitment
  5. Hops Labour Solutions


The UK Seasonal Worker Visa lets people work temporarily in farming and poultry jobs. If you want to work in the UK farms, you can apply for this visa. Just follow the rules and apply them correctly. It’s a good chance to work in the UK and have a new experience.

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