Egg Packer Jobs in Canada 2024: Earn $24 per Hour with Visa Sponsorship

Egg Packer Jobs in Canada 2024: Earn $24 per Hour with Visa Sponsorship

Vanderpol Eggs is searching for someone an egg packer. Your job is super important for making sure their eggs are safe to eat. You will run the machine that makes sure their eggs are clean and safe, following all the rules they have to follow. If you know about working in factories, and you’re good with technical stuff, and you really care about making food safe, you should totally apply!

Job Details:

Job Title: Egg Packer
Location: Canada
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary: $24.39 per hour
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Discription:

As an Egg Pasteurizer Operator, your job is to run the machine that makes eggs safe to eat. You’ll watch over the egg-making process, keep records, and make sure everything is safe and good quality. You’ll work with others, fix any problems, and help make things better all the time.

Company Overview:

Join Vanderpol Eggs, a famous food company in Abbotsford, BC. They make great egg products and always focus on safety and quality. Their high-tech factory follows strict rules to ensure top-notch products. The work in a cool place where you generate new ideas with teamwork.

Job Position:

  • Egg Packer

Educational Qualification and Experience:

The egg packer job requires a high school diploma. The job requires a minimum of two years’ experience in a high-volume manufacturing environment, preferably related to food processing.

Work Experience:

The job posts are for candidates who have experience in packing operation, mixing, and blending.

Other Requirements:

  • Know about keeping food safe (like HACCP or SQF).
  • Good at using machines safely.
  • Can fix problems with machines.
  • Can talk and write in English well.
  • Can use computer programs like Word, Outlook, and Excel.
  • Can work without help and do tasks in order.
  • Want to keep everyone safe at work and follow safety rules.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Run the pasteurizing machine for safe egg processing.
  • Watch production, follow rules, and keep records.
  • Check product quality often.
  • Fix problems with the machine and tell others.
  • Keep equipment clean.
  • Follow safety rules.
  • Tell management if there are problems.
  • Work with others and help out.
  • Do extra tasks if asked by the boss.

Visa Sponsorship:

Vanderpol Eggs is offering visa sponsorship. The job is open for people from AAin and other countries to apply.

Salary and Benefits:

The Vanderpol Eggs company offers a $24.39 per hour salary. The other health and dental benefits are 80% covered by the company. They provide free food and a living place.

How To Apply?

If you have an interest in an Egg packing job, you can apply online from your home. The candidates who meet all the criteria discussed above should complete the documents and send their experience certificate through the company email All suitable candidates must apply. If you are eligible, the company will call you for an interview. If you are from another country, your interview will be conducted online. If you are from Canada, they will call you to the office.

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