Singapore Bus Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Singapore Bus Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

The journey with NAS Drives – your pathway to a rewarding career in transportation excellence! They are actively searching for enthusiastic and adept professionals to become integral members of these company Bus Driver teams in Singapore. If you possess a zeal for ensuring safe and seamless journeys, coupled with exceptional driving prowess and a commitment to maintaining top-notch standards, they warmly welcome you to embark on this thrilling opportunity.

At NAS Drives, a prominent player in the transport sector, they not only offer a competitive remuneration package but also provide a positive and vibrant workplace. Join us and be a driving force in delivering exceptional transportation services.

Job Details:

Posted On: 28 Dec 2023
Job Type: Full-time
Job Title: Bus Driver
Company: NAS Workforce Solutions
Job Location: Singapore
Job Salary: $3,500 – $4,600 monthly
Application Deadline: 11 Jan 2024

Job Description:

As a Bus Driver with NAS Employment Agency Pte. Ltd., your vital contribution ensures the secure and smooth transit of workers to diverse locations. Your role involves skillfully navigating the bus within traffic regulations, completing thorough pre-and post-trip inspections, aiding passengers, and upholding the bus interior’s cleanliness. Clear communication with dispatch and fellow drivers is paramount for effective route and schedule coordination. Prompt reporting of accidents, incidents, or mechanical issues, active participation in mandatory training sessions, and fostering a positive team spirit are integral aspects of your responsibilities.

Company Overview:

NAS Employment Agency is on the lookout for a skilled Bus Driver to join the team at Santosh Construction. The company, nestled in the heart of Tradehub 21 at 18 Boon Lay Way (609966), is all about Building and Construction. We’re talking full-time vibes here, a non-exec gig that calls for at least 2 years of solid driving experience. Ready to roll with us?

Job position:

  • Bus driver

Job Requirments:

The Bus Driver of Agency Pte. Ltd. needs some requirements. The bus driver requirements have been the following:

  • Immaculate driving history, free from any accidents or traffic violations
  • Successfully cleared drug and alcohol screening
  • Proficient in driving with excellent skills and a comprehensive understanding of traffic laws
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Flexibility to work varying hours, including weekends and holidays
  • Robust physical health, capable of lifting heavy items
  • Demonstrated composure and focus in high-pressure scenarios
  • Adept at creative problem-solving
  • Effective in both independent work and collaborative teamwork

Job Responsibilities:

Safely navigating routes to transport workers to diverse destinations while strictly following traffic laws and regulations. Thoroughly inspecting the bus before and after trips to guarantee optimal working conditions.

Assisting workers with seamless boarding and exiting experiences. Upholding a tidy and organized interior. Coordinating routes and schedules through effective communication with dispatch and fellow drivers. Promptly reporting accidents, incidents, or mechanical issues to the relevant authorities. Actively participating in required training sessions and meetings.


The Duty schedule is 8 PM to 3 AM The weekend or only two holidays Saturday or Sunday on holiday.


The bus driver is paying a $3,500 to$4,600 monthly salary. The company is paying per month

Job Benefits:

NAS Employment Agency Pte. Ltd. gives many benefits to bus drivers which are the following:

  • Competitive salary package
  • Clear pathways for career growth
  • Supportive and collaborative work atmosphere
  • Comprehensive training opportunities
  • Integral role in ensuring seamless transportation services in Singapore

How to Apply?

If you are interested in a Bus Driver job. If you are eager to drive success, you can easily submit your application through the NAS Employment Agency company’s official website. The job candidates must complete all requirements. Make a good career in Singapore.

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