Canada Crane Operator Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Canada Crane Operator Jobs 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Are you seeking a crane operator job in 2024 in Canada? It is a great opportunity for you. Canada Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd announced a crane operator job post for suitable candidates. and Join the Sidhu Concrete Pumping team! They are a vibrant construction company located in Richmond, BC, on the lookout for an adept Crane Operator. Your role as an essential member of our crew involves skillfully handling mobile and tower cranes to lift and place equipment and materials. If you’re experienced in rigging and meet our qualifications, apply now and be a part of their success in high-rise building projects!

Job Details:

Job Title Crane Operator
Company Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd
Location Canada Richmond, BC
Salary $30 per hour
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Visa Sponsorship Available

Job Description:

As a Crane Operator, your job involves operating various types of cranes, including climbing cranes, cable cranes, and those equipped for waterway projects. You’ll assemble tower cranes on-site, inspect equipment before use, and calculate weights for rigging and hoisting. In addition to guiding apprentices and maintaining cranes, you’ll handle routine cleaning and lubrication tasks. Expect to work in different environments, sometimes noisy and dusty, and be comfortable working under pressure.

Company Overview:

Come be a part of Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd, an esteemed construction company in Richmond, BC. They blend innovation with excellence to redefine construction. They are on the lookout for a proficient Crane Operator to join our vibrant team, focusing on top-notch services for high-rise building projects. At Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd, They prioritize teamwork, safety, and expert craftsmanship. Join us in an environment that nurtures your skills and values quality above all else.

Job Position:

  1. Crane Operator

Educational Requirements:

For the Perform a crane Operator role candidates should possess a secondary school graduation certificate. The education is important for the jobs.

Age and Experience

For the job role care operator candidates have 1 to 2 years of experience as a Crane Operator and apply for the job candidates age are 18- 45 years old.

Physical requirements:

The job of crane operator candidates has a physical fit. There are some requirements have been followed:

  • Thrive in high-pressure work environments
  • Excel in physically demanding tasks
  • Demonstrate exceptional manual dexterity
  • Possess a keen attention to detail
  • Showcase precise hand-eye coordination
  • Adaptability to both sitting and active work settings


The crane operator job includes some specific tasks which are the following:

  • Operate mobile and tower cranes for lifting, moving, positioning, and placing equipment and materials
  • Clean and lubricate cranes regularly
  • Instruct apprentices in crane operation
  • Use cranes with dredging attachments for waterways and other locations
  • Assemble tower cranes on-site and conduct pre-operational inspections
  • Calculate crane capacities and weights for rigging and hoisting preparation
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks

Type of Cranes:

The candidates have a knowledge about a care operator. The crane’s name has been the following:

  • Climbing crane, fixed or limited mobility
  • Conventional cable crane tracked

Job benefits:

The crane operator job has many benefits including:

  • Earn a competitive hourly wage of $30.50
  • Enjoy permanent, full-time employment with a flexible schedule of 32 to 40 hours per week
  • Experience working in diverse locations, including high-rise building construction sites
  • Receive long-term benefits and additional perks
  • Stay safe with provided personal protective equipment, including steel-toed safety boots and a hard hat

Important Documents:

There are some important documents which are important to apply for the jobs. The documents have been the following:

  1. Valid driver’s licence
  2. Educational Certificate
  3. Cleanerce Certificate
  4. 2 passport-size photo

Visa Sponsorship:

The Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd company is giving visa sponsorship for a care operator. In other countries, candidates are able to apply for the jobs. The visa sponsorship is available.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in crane operator jobs, make sure to fulfill all the requirements and submit your application. Complete the necessary documents, create a CV or resume, and apply online through the official website of Sidhu Concrete Pumping Ltd. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity – apply now!

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