Latest Updates on Canada Spouse Visa 2024 Requirements

Latest Updates on Canada Spouse Visa 2024 Requirements

In Canada, spousal sponsorship is like a special way for Canadians and those who can stay here forever to bring their husband, wife, or partner from another country to live together in Canada. This is because the government really wants families to be together. If you want to make a permanent residence in Canada, bringing your spouse through this program is a big help. In this article, they discuss all processes how much cost, and which things are needed.


In Canada, people can help their foreign partners become permanent residents. There are two main ways to do this: Outland and Inland sponsorship. Even with the COVID-19 situation, the government is still focused on deciding on spousal sponsorship applications within a year.

Impact of COVID-19 :

Even with COVID-19 difficulties, Canada is still taking and working on spouse sponsorship applications quickly, even during disruptions.

Eligibility to Sponsor:

To be a sponsor, you need to be 18 or older, live in Canada, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and be able to support your partner without needing help from the government.

Requirements for Sponsorship:

Sponsors promise to help with money for three years to cover important things like a place to live, food, clothes, and doctor visits for the person they are supporting.

Financial Obligations:

To bring someone to Canada, you need to show you have enough money to help them when they come. There’s no set amount, but you have to prove you can support them financially.

Application Fees:

Getting sponsored costs money. There are different fees like sponsorship fees, processing fees, permanent residence fees, and biometrics fees. In total, it’s $1,135 CAD. If you have kids or live in Quebec, there are extra fees.

Who Can Be Sponsored?

People who get support need to be the right age, pass checks, and fit into one of three groups: husband or wife, live-in partner, or partner in a serious relationship, with proof that the relationship is real.

Outland and Inland Applications:

Couples decide where to apply for a partner visa – either Outland or Inland – depending on where they live. Each option has its own rules and steps to follow.

Processing Time:

It usually takes about a year for spousal sponsorship applications to be processed. However, the exact time can change depending on each person’s situation.

Potential Reasons for Refusal:

Your application could be turned down if you don’t show enough proof of your relationship, make mistakes on the forms, give the wrong information, don’t meet the requirements, or have issues that make you ineligible.

Application Process:

To apply, both the person supporting you and you need to fill out two forms at the same time. These forms are for the person helping you (sponsor) and for you (the person applying for permanent residence). It’s important to fill in all the details carefully and submit all the necessary papers.

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