Animal Caretaker Jobs in Dubai (2024): Get Sponsored!

Animal Caretaker Jobs in Dubai (2024): Get Sponsored!

Are you searching for jobs in Dubai? Are you an animal lover? This is for you. Dubai A2Z Finders is seeking an animal caretaker! All suitable candidates, join Dubai Animal Caretaker. Work closely with different animals and make a real difference in their lives. Exciting opportunity for animal lovers like you!

Job Details:

Job Title: Animal Caretaker
Company: A2Z Finders
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Job Type: Full-time
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

As an Animal Caretaker, your job is to take good care of the animals every day. You will feed them, clean their spaces, and make sure they are happy. You will work with a team, help with handling the animals, and teach visitors about them and how to protect them. It’s all about making the animals feel good and helping people learn.

Company Overview:

A2Z Finders in Abu Dhabi cares a lot about animals. They take care of animals, ensuring they are healthy and safe. They are seeking a person to help take care of animals that are healthy and okay. To join the team and care for animals.

Educational Qualification:

To apply for animal caretaker jobs, candidates must have a minimum educational qualification of FSc. They are knowledgeable about animal health care and ensure how to take care of animals. The animal caretaker diploma is a must-have for the job.


In the animal caretaker job candidates who have one year of working experience in the zoo.

Other Requirements:

To obtain these jobs, candidates must meet certain requirements. The job requirements are as follows:

  • Love for animals and nature
  • Knowing how to take care of animals
  • Good at working with others
  • Strong and healthy for lifting and moving things
  • Talking and getting along with people well
  • Can work at different times, even on weekends
  • Allowed to work in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Role and Responsibility:

  • Take care of animals every day, making sure they are happy and healthy.
  • Keep the homes of animals clean and tidy.
  • Watch and tell others about how the animals are acting and if they are feeling good.
  • Help with making and giving out meals based on the eating plans.
  • Plan fun things for the animals to do so they can stay smart and active.
  • Learn from experienced caretakers to help teach the animals good behaviors.
  • Help with checking on the health of animals, taking them to the doctor, or moving them around.
  • Work together with the team to make sure the animals and guests are safe and having a good time.
  • Talk to visitors and share interesting facts about animals and how we can help them.
  • Always follow rules to keep everyone, including animals, safe and sound.

Salary and Benefits:

The A2Z Finders is seeking suitable candidates. They are offering a salary of 3,000 AED per month. A2Z Finders has officially announced visa sponsorship jobs. The company provides a free house and free food.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in caring for animals, jobs complete all criteria. First candidates must have a clearance certificate and should not be involved in any crime. Candidates should have a neat and clean record. The candidates, with all certificates, can make a CV  these are submitted online at, the company’s official website. All suitable candidates must apply. This job is best for animal lovers.

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