Italy Padua International Excellence Scholarship 2024 

Italy Padua International Excellence Scholarship 2024 

The University of Padua is thrilled to introduce the Padua International Excellence Scholarship, an amazing chance for talented students worldwide looking to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees taught in English in the beautiful city of Padua. Your journey to academic excellence just became even more rewarding!

Overview of the Scholarship:

Padua University is granting 53 scholarships to stand-out students with impressive achievements and academic records. This program is highly selective, focusing on top-tier candidates. Successful recipients enjoy a waived fee and a substantial €8,000 scholarship per academic year.


  • Master’s degree candidates: Complete your program in just 2 years!
  • Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle degree candidates: Enjoy a seamless 3-year academic journey toward your degree.

After this time, students will be responsible for managing their own costs and tuition fees until they complete their studies.

Who Can Apply:

Attention future global scholars! If you dream of diving into English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programs at the University of Padua, this is your golden ticket. To hop on this educational journey, you need a few key ingredients: international vibes (aka non-Italian citizenship), a diploma or Bachelor’s degree from beyond Italian borders, and, last but not least, your current residence should be anywhere but Italy. Ready to make your academic mark? Apply now!

Application Process:

Securing this esteemed scholarship is a breeze. If you meet the outlined criteria, your candidacy will seamlessly glide into consideration during the selection process. No extra paperwork or additional documents are necessary—just ensure you’ve covered everything required for your chosen degree program.

Selection Criteria:

The Academic Committee, diligently evaluating academic prowess in every degree program, will curate a list of qualified applicants who exhibit excellence in their respective fields of study. Scholarships will be granted to the most deserving candidates, considering the caliber and achievements gleaned from their prior educational journey.

Selection Results:

Scholarships are typically allocated to applicants in the initial application phase. Nevertheless, in special circumstances, deserving candidates from the second application period may also be considered for academic awards. Stay tuned for outcome announcements on the official website, aligning with the schedule outlined in the Call for Applications.”

Acceptance and Payments:

Congratulations to the chosen individuals! If you’ve been selected, you’re in for an exciting journey with the Padua International Excellence scholarship. Expect a personalized offer detailing how to accept this prestigious opportunity along with essential deadlines.

To ensure your continued eligibility, kindly refrain from concurrent grant benefits and meet the necessary conditions to complete your enrollment. The scholarship funds, amounting to €4,000 per installment and disbursed twice annually, will be yours to support your academic pursuits, contingent upon maintaining the merit standards. Get ready for a fulfilling academic experience!


At Padua University, we believe in fostering academic excellence. If a student, for any reason, falls short of our shared commitment to high standards or decides to pursue a different path, we may need to reassess their scholarship. In such situations, the student is kindly requested to repay any scholarship funds already received. Our goal is to support those who actively engage in their studies and contribute to our vibrant academic community.

Detailed Information:

If you’re eyeing the Padua International Excellence Scholarships, all the juicy details await you in the Call for Applications for A.Y. 2023/24. Head over to the official website, hit download, and let the scholarship adventure begin!

Contact Information:

If you’ve got burning questions about your academic journey, give the program coordinator a shout at +39 0498273131. They’re the go-to folks for all things academic.

For anything else on your mind, hit up the Global Engagement Office at Palazzo Anselmi, Lungargine del Piovego 1 – 35131 Padova. They’ve got the lowdown on all general inquiries.

And guess what? There’s a golden ticket waiting for you – the Padua International Excellence Scholarship. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Apply now and open the door to a world bursting with opportunities!

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