UK Home Cleaners Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

UK Home Cleaners Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you looking for work in the UK? Don’t have any skills or current employment? Interested in making some extra money part-time? This job opportunity is for you. Join Maid2Clean! They are seeking individuals who enjoy cleaning homes. You can choose your work hours, accept or decline jobs, and earn good pay – starting at £11 per hour. It’s that easy!

Job Details:

Job Title: Home Cleaner
Company: Maid2Clean
Location: United Kingdom Luton
Job Type: Part-time
Salary: £11 – £16 per hour
Job Category: Part-Time
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

In the job, you are responsible for working cleanly in a home. Clean places through the machine, vacuum, mop, and make sure everything is neat and clean. The cleaning can be done every week, every two weeks, or just one time. It’s flexible, so you can balance it with other things you need to do.

Company Overview:

Maid2Clean is a good cleaning company in Luton. People really like us, and They have 179 happy reviews. They clean homes in LU areas. They want more friendly cleaners to join their team.

Job Positions:

Maid2Clean company needs 200 workers for the job position. Male and female candidates can apply.

  • Cleaner

Job Requirements:

To be successful in a cleaner role, Maid2Clean requires:

  • Reliable and can be trusted
  • Give two people who know you well as references
  • Can use the Maid2Clean phone app easily
  • Like any good at cleaning

Educational Qualification:

The cleaner job requires no specific educational qualifications. However, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic are essential.


The job for no prior professional cleaning experience is required. They are welcome individuals who are enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Job Responsibility:

The Maid2clean company requires candidates to be responsible for the following job roles:

  • Clean houses carefully and quickly for clients.
  • Use the Maid2Clean phone app to organize your work schedule.
  • Decide if you want to do a job based on when you are free and what you like.
  • Get messages right away about new cleaning jobs.
  • Talk to Maid2Clean for help with any problems.
  • Jobs can be every week, every two weeks, or just one time.

Salary and Benefits:

Maid2clean company offers a £11 to £16 per hour salary. They provide a free visa, free food, and living expenses, as well as free medical and transportation.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in house cleaning jobs, you can apply easily. First, visit, the company’s official website, and fill out the job application form to apply. There are no charges for applying for jobs. This job is the best opportunity for all candidates in every country, making it easy to apply.

UK Home Cleaners Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

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