Storekeeper Job in Kuwait (2024) at Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Storekeeper Job at Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Are you organized with a passion for supporting top-tier healthcare? You discover a good opportunity as a Storekeeper in Kuwait. This is good for those who thrive in a structured environment. You join the team and make a meaningful career.


As a Storekeeper, you will help keep the hospital running smoothly. Your job is to manage the receipt and distribution of medical supplies. You will ensure they have the right amount of supplies.

Company Overview

Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait is known for providing healthcare services. The hospital prioritizes patient care, safety, and quality in all its operations.

Job Position

The Storekeeper is a key member of the Material Management team, making sure the hospital’s supply chain works well. This job needs someone who can manage inventory actively and communicate well with different departments.

Job Requirements

  1. Education: The storekeeper job for a Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  2. Experience: A minimum storekeeper job for  1-2 years experience is needed in a storeroom.
  3. Languages: Proficient in Arabic and English.
  4. Material Handling: Strong knowledge of handling materials properly.
  5. Safety Practices: Familiar with safety practices at work.
  6. Inventory Control: Excellent skills in managing inventory.
  7. Organization: Able to organize, store, and distribute materials efficiently.
  8. Computerized Systems: Good at using inventory software.
  9. Math Skills: Strong math skills for basic calculations.
  10. Following Instructions: Can follow instructions and protocols accurately.


A storekeeper is responsible for some duty which include:

  • Process requests for supplies from different hospital departments.
  • Receive, distribute, and keep enough medical supplies and equipment.
  • Know what supplies are needed and reorder them on time.
  • Check the quality and quantity of deliveries against invoices and orders.
  • Keep accurate inventory records using a computer system.
  • Do regular physical checks of inventory to ensure accuracy.
  • Store and handle medical supplies and equipment safely.
  • Dispose of expired or damaged items following hospital rules.
  • Follow safety regulations to promote patient safety.
  • Work well with the Store Manager, Store Staff, Hospital Staff, Nursing Teams, and Suppliers.

Visa Sponsorship

Dar Al Shifa Hospital offers visa sponsorship for qualified candidates, allowing professionals from different regions to join their teams. This makes it easier for skilled healthcare workers to contribute to their mission of providing top-quality care.

Salary And Benefits

The hospital provides a competitive salary. It is based on experience and qualifications. With good benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and a supportive work environment.

How To Apply

Apply now to join the esteemed team at Dar Al Shifa Hospital! Visit the Dar Al Shifa Hospital Careers Page to submit your application. Do not miss this opportunity.

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