Singapore Warehouse Packer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Singapore Warehouse Packer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you unskilled? If you don’t have any jobs, a Warehouse Packer job is available for you. CULTIVAR ASIA PTE. LTD. is seeking warehouse packers. Your role is packing products in the warehouse and maintaining the warehouse for product delivery. If you want to work in Singapore, this is a cool, exciting opportunity for you.

Job Details:

Job Title: Warehouse Packer
Location: Singapore
Job Type: Temporary
Salary: 2,500$ – 3,000$ per month
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

As a Warehouse Packer, your job is to pack products carefully, following the rules to ensure everything is right. You work in one team of packing and keep the packing area clean. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before; they will teach you everything you need to know!

Company Overview:

CULTIVAR ASIA PTE. LTD. is a fast-growing company in Singapore. They want awesome people to help pack stuff in their warehouse. No experience is needed, just be careful and reliable. Join them a bit and let’s do great things together!

Job Positions:

  • Warehouse Packer

Education Requirements:

A Warehouse Packer job for candidates does not need any educational qualification.


A warehouse Packer job with no prior experience requires comprehensive training will be provided.

Physical Ability:

Warehouse workers job for candidates are able to lift and move packages and stand for extended periods


The candidates ensure accurate packing and labeling of products.

Role and Responsbility:

A warehouse packer job has some roles and responsibilities, which are the following:

  • Pack products carefully following guidelines
  • Check for defects or damage before packing
  • Apply shipping labels accurately
  • Keep the packing area clean and organized
  • Collaborate with team to meet daily goals
  • Follow safety guidelines for a secure work environment

Salary and Benefits:

A warehouse packer is paid a monthly salary of 2,500$- 3,000$The job positions are temporary and do not have any retirement plans. CULTIVAR ASIA PTE. LTD. provides free food, traveling, and living expenses—all included.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in Warehouse Packer jobs and wish to apply for this opportunity, please submit your resume online at, the company’s official website. The candidates must include relevant experience because this experience builds belief in their qualifications. All candidates must apply to pursue a successful career in Singapore.

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