Singapore Laundry Attendant Jobs 2023

Singapore Laundry Attendant Jobs 2023

In the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, CBM Pte Ltd is a distinguished presence known for its unwavering dedication to excellence in service. A fantastic opportunity awaits those who possess a meticulous nature and sharp attention to detail – the role of a Laundry Attendant at CBM Pte Ltd. This full-time position welcomes committed individuals to join a dynamic team, playing a crucial role in the smooth handling of towels, linens, and uniforms.

Job Details:

Job Title Laundry Attendant
Company CBM Pte Ltd
Job Location Singapore
Position Type Full-time
Work Hours 40 hours per week

Job Description:

In the dynamic role of a Laundry Attendant with CBM Pte Ltd, you go beyond the ordinary tasks associated with towels, linens, and uniforms. Your commitment to maintaining top-notch cleanliness and hygiene sets the tone for your responsibilities, which include accurate accounting and recording of laundry items. You excel in the art of transfer management, ensuring precise assignments during the transfer process.

Meticulous quality checks are second nature to you, ensuring that all towels, linens, and uniforms meet the highest standards. Your daily duties encompass overseeing and executing housekeeping tasks with a keen eye for detail and maintaining an environment that radiates cleanliness. Moreover, you readily tackle any ad-hoc duties thrown your way, contributing seamlessly to the overall operational efficiency of the company.

Job position:

Laundry Attendant

Educational Qualification:

To qualify for the Laundry Attendant role, applicants should have completed basic education, reflecting CBM Pte Ltd’s dedication to offering opportunities to individuals at different points in their educational path.

Physical Requirements:

To apply for the laundry jobs. All candidates must be physically fit. The many physical requirements have been followed:

  • Physical engagement is required, such as lifting and extended periods of standing.
  • Candidates should comfortably handle the physical aspects of the role.
  • The ability to meet job-related physical demands is essential.

Job Benefits:

The laundry Attendant job has many benefits including:

  • CBM Pte Ltd prioritizes its team members, providing a competitive salary package.
  • they believe in nurturing career growth and offer opportunities for professional advancement.
  • This company’s positive work environment is designed to foster personal development and overall well-being.

Working schedule:

The Laundry Attendant role offers a full-time position with a 6-day work week, catering to individuals who are enthusiastic about keeping things tidy and organized in a vibrant setting.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in a Laundry Attendant job? To apply for the job candidates send all your important documents to the company email The second option is for candidates are submit a document at online company’s official website. All candidates must apply. It is the permit work in Singapore. Every candidate does not miss these chances.

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