Poultry Farmer Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Poultry Farmer Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you a farmer? If you’re seeking a good job, this opportunity is for you, as announced in Australia. Do you love to take care of chickens and be a part of a team? Australia’s most famous company, Diamond Poultry Pty Ltd in Yandilla QLD, is searching for talented candidates who can take care of chickens. Your job will be super important in making sure their chickens are happy and healthy, and they produce top-notch eggs. If you like looking after poultry, have experience, and want to do an awesome job, they would love you to apply!

Job Details:

Job Title Poultry Farmer
Company Diamond Poultry Pty Ltd
Location Australia Yandilla QLD 4352
Job Salary 70,000$-75,000$ per year
Job Type Full-time, Permanent
Visa Sponsorship Yes
Application Deadline March 9, 2023

Job Description:

As a Chicken Farmer, your job is to take care of your chickens every day. You will ensure they are healthy and happy on their farms. Your tasks include creating rules for giving them shots, placing baby chicks in their homes, moving chickens around, and following the rules to keep them safe. You will talk to the people who move the chickens, give them shots, and keep everything in good shape. It’s important to do things right, find and fix problems, and follow all the rules.

Company Overview:

Diamond Poultry is a family-owned farm near Toowoomba, Queensland. They take care of everything for their chickens – from hatching chicks to growing grain for their food and ensuring they are happy and healthy. Their farm is in Millmerran, just an hour west of Toowoomba. They have over 400 people working with them, and they care a lot about doing a good job, keeping their chickens safe, and helping their team grow.

Job Positions:

  • Poultry Farmer

Educational Qualification:

For the Poultry Farmer job candidates must have an agricultural production degree, which is recognized by the institution. Every candidate must be educated. The job is permanent, and Diamond Poultry is offering visa sponsorship. Every candidate must be educated.


In the Poultry farmer work job candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of recent and relevant work experience in a medium to large-sized intensive agricultural production enterprise. The candidates must have at least 3 years of recent and relevant work experience in a medium to large-sized commercial poultry production enterprise. Experience is essential, or 3 years of experience supervising medium-sized work teams is essential. A caring attitude towards poultry livestock and compliance with legislation and work standards are also required.

Job Responsibility:

The poultry farmer job candidates have a responsibility to perform various tasks, which are as follows:

  • Create, follow, and keep track of rules (SOPs) for giving vaccines.
  • Take care of vaccinating chickens using different methods.
  • Watch over baby chicks, making sure they are handled properly and checking on their well-being.
  • Coordinate moving chickens, making sure they have enough water and food and are handled gently.
  • Keep the right temperature and humidity when transporting birds to keep them comfortable.
  • Communicate well with drivers moving the chickens and follow rules to keep the birds safe.
  • Manage vaccines and equipment to make sure the chickens are well protected.
  • Handle, recognize, and check chickens, removing any that are sick or not doing well.
  • Keep equipment and the chicken area clean to keep them healthy.
  • Help with keeping track of cage numbers and making sure everything meets quality standards.
  • Find and fix problems, follow rules, and take part in checks to make sure everything is done right.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork as part of the quality program.

Salary and Benefits:

In the poultry farmer job, candidates are given a $70,000 yearly salary. The new candidates are given training and development opportunities, and the role offers excellent prospects for career advancement within their organization.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in poultry farmer worker jobs, candidates are required to meet all the criteria discussed above. All candidates must submit their documents online at Lakeland Animal Care Group’s official website. The work permits are available, and Lakeland Animal Care Group is offering free visa sponsorship. Candidates from other countries can also apply and build a career in Australia. The job’s last date is March 3, 2024; before the job deadline, all candidates must apply.

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