Pick Your Dream Job: Fruit Farm Work & Visa Sponsorship in 2024

Pick Your Dream Job: Fruit Farm Work & Visa Sponsorship in 2024

Are you a farmer? Are you seeking a job in Canada? Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd is seeking a fruit farmer. The company grows tasty blueberries and they need hardworking people like you to help them. If you like fruit farming, this job opportunity is for you. They are paying a good salary and you will be part of a great team. Join and be a part of BC’s farming world!

Job Details:

Job Title: Farm Worker (Fruit)
Company: Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd
Location: Canada Abbotsford, BC
Job type: Full time
Salary: $16.75 per hour
Visa Sponsorship: Yes
Work: Permit

Job Description:

Join Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd in Abbotsford, BC if you want to work on a fruit farm. They grow really good blueberries! They need people to help on the farm. If you like plants and being outside, this job is great for you. In the job, you know about agriculture and plants. The company are paying a good salary.

Company Overview:

Sumas Valley Berry Farm in Abbotsford, BC grows great fruits, especially blueberries. They care about the environment and work hard to make tasty berries. They are proud to help their area grow better food.

Job Positions:

  • Fruit Farmer


The Fruit Farmer job for candidates requires no degree, certificate, or diploma.


The job post of a fruit farmer with one year of experience in agriculture or farm work is an asset.

Other Requirements:

The job for fruit farmer candidates has some of the requirements which are the following:

  • Can work outside in different weather.
  • Pays close attention to details and follows instructions well.
  • Can lift, bend, and stand for a long time.
  • Good at speaking and writing in English.
  • Can work more hours during busy times and weekends.

Job Responsibility:

To be responsible for the fruit farm entails some of the following tasks:

  • Plant, grow, and water plants as the farm wants.
  • Use stuff like food and bug killers when needed to help plants grow strong.
  • Help pick, sort, and pack blueberries during harvest time.
  • Drive and take care of big machines like tractors safely.
  • Do tasks on time as the boss says.
  • Keep work areas clean and tidy for safety.
  • Follow the rules to stay safe at work.

Salary and Benefits:

The Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd company is paying a $16.75 per hour salary. The job is full-time. In the job, your duty is to have 40 to 50 hours per week. The Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd is officially announcing visa sponsorship for other country candidates. If candidates give a ten-year commitment to the company, they are given retirement plans and many other benefits. The work permit is included.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in a fruit farm Worker position at Sumas Valley Berry Farm Ltd. Complete all criteria that are needed for the job. please send your resume and cover letter to the company email sumasvalley@gmail.com. All candidates must apply. If you are suitable company must call for a job interview.

  • Contact Email: sumasvalley@gmail.com

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