Midwife Jobs in Germany 2024: Get Your Visa & Deliver Dreams!

Midwife Jobs in Germany 2024: Get Your Visa & Deliver Dreams!

Are you searching for Midwife Jobs? Germany MidwifeDoctors Without Borders is seeking a caring and skilled midwife to join their team. If you love helping pregnant women, are ready for important tasks, and want to work where medical help is really needed, They want you to apply. Your role will be crucial in making sure births are safe and giving complete care to moms in tough places. Apply now to make a difference!

Job Details:

Job Title Midwife
Organization Doctors Without Borders eV / Médecins Sans Frontières
Location Germany, 13359 Berlin
Job Type Full Time
Work type Permit
Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Description:

As a Midwife with MSF, your job is to help moms have safe births, take care of them before and after delivery, run maternity wards, and make sure delivery rooms are ready. You’ll be there 24/7 in case something goes wrong. You’ll also teach and lead a team of maternity staff, organize family planning, and work on stopping sexual and gender-based violence. Knowing French is really important since you will be working in places where people speak French.

Company Overview:

Doctors Without Borders helps sick people in different parts of the world. They have 28 offices in many countries. Their teams go to places where there are big sickness outbreaks or when it’s too risky for other groups to help. They provide basic medical care, assist injured individuals, administer shots to prevent sickness, educate local workers, and construct medical buildings. In some projects, they work for a long time to combat diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, and HIV/AIDS.

Educational Qualification:

The Midwife posts are for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree as a state-approved midwife or state-approved maternity nurse.

Work Experience:

The midwife jobs for candidates require a minimum of two years of professional experience as a midwife and clinical work experience, with at least six months within the past 24 months.

Language requirements:

The midwife job candidates must be fluent in English; knowing French is a bonus, and other languages like Arabic are beneficial.

Other requirements:

To obtain a midwife job, have some requirements which are the following:

  • Familiarity with tropical medicine is helpful.
  • Additional training in emergency obstetric medicine is a plus.
  • Experience in guiding, training, or furthering education is valued.
  • Preferably skilled in leading teams and managing staff.
  • Available for at least nine months, with a more extended period preferred.
  • Travel or work experience in African, Asian, or Latin American countries is advantageous.
  • Ability to work well in a team, cultural sensitivity, organizational and improvisational skills are essential.
  • High mental and physical resilience is required.
  • Willingness to work following Médecins Sans Frontières humanitarian principles, charter, and mission statement.

Jobs Responsibility:

Midwife job involves having reasonable work and duties, which are the following:

  • Keep moms and babies safe during childbirth.
  • Take care of pregnant women before and after delivery.
  • Run the maternity ward and organize delivery rooms.
  • Be ready to help if there are any problems, day or night.
  • Teach and lead a team of people who help with childbirth.
  • Plan for families to have the right number of kids and fight against violence.

Salary and Benefits:

The Midwife is paid a salary of 24 euros per hour. The company is offering visa sponsorship. The other countries Midwives can easily apply. The work is permitted. In the job, Midwives are provided with free food and all living expenses, courtesy of the company. Two holidays are given in one week. The job is a great opportunity to make a good career in Berlin, Germany.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in Midwife Jobs, apply now. Candidates must fulfill all criteria. The job is open to both males and females. Applicants should submit a CV and all relevant documents online at Médecins Sans Frontières jobs postal jobs.msf.de official website. All candidates must apply for Midwife Jobs.

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