Land Your Dream Job in Singapore: 2024 Work Permit Guide for Foreign Workers

Everything You Need to Know to Secure Your Work Permit and Thrive in Singapore

Singapore is a great place for work. It has lots of jobs and a good life. But getting permission to work there can be hard. This guide helps you, the worker from another country, to understand how to get a job permit in Singapore in 2024. It will help you start your dream job.

What is a Singapore Work Permit?

A Singapore Work Permit lets people from other countries work in not-too-hard jobs in places like building things, making things, helping people, and moving stuff around. It’s different from the Employment Pass, which is for smart people with big salaries and lots of skills.

Types of Work Permits in Singapore

There are two main work permits for foreign workers in Singapore:

  • Work Permit for Migrant Workers: This permission is for people who work in building things, fixing boats, making stuff, and providing services.
  • Work Permit for Migrant Domestic Workers: This permission is only for helpers who work in houses doing chores.

Eligibility for a Singapore Work Permit

To get a job in Singapore, you usually need:

  • You’re from a country that has a deal with Singapore.
  • Got a job offer from a company in Singapore.
  • Have the right education for the job you’re offered (could be different for different jobs).
  • Get a medical check-up showing you’re healthy.

Applying for a Singapore Work Permit

Getting a job usually means your boss sends papers to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for you.

These documents typically include:

  • Fill out the form.
  • Get copies of your school papers.
  • Ask your old bosses for letters saying you worked there.
  • Go to the doctor for a check-up and bring the report.
  • Bring your passport and some pictures.

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Important Considerations

  • Salary Requirements: To work legally in some places, you need to earn at least a certain amount of money. This amount can be different depending on what job you do and how much experience you have.
  • Work Permit Validity: Work permits usually last for two years. After that, you can renew them if you want to keep working.
  • Dependents: Bringing family members with you when you work might have extra rules and limits.
    Cost of a Singapore Work Permit

Getting permission to work may cost money. This money includes applying, going to the doctor for a check-up, and sometimes paying someone to help you (if needed). Usually, your boss pays for these things.

Living and Working in Singapore

In Singapore, you’ll find lots of jobs, good roads and buildings, and many different kinds of people. Learn about the rules for working, how people behave, and how much things cost to make moving here easy.”


Getting a job permit in Singapore helps you find cool jobs in a busy country. You can get ready and plan carefully to start a great career there.


  • Can I change jobs with a work permit? Yes, usually. But you need your new boss to ask for a new permit for you to work there.
  • What happens after my work permit expires? If you qualify, you can choose to renew it or switch to an Employment Pass.
  • Can I learn English in Singapore? Yes, Singapore has classes to learn English for people from other countries.

Read this guide and look at the FAQs if you still have questions. It will help you get your work permit for Singapore so you can start your career there.

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