Germany Warehouse Handler Delivery Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Germany Warehouse Handler Delivery Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Ready for an exciting job that provides a secure, varied, and fulfilling work atmosphere? Join FedEx Express, the global leader in express transportation and a perennial top employer. Explore opportunities now for the role of Warehouse Handler/Delivery Driver at their Herndon, VA site.

Job Details:

Job Title Warehouse Handler/Delivery Driver
Company FedEx Express
Location Germany
Job Type Full-Time
Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Description:

As a key team member at FedEx Express, your role as a Warehouse Handler/Delivery Driver is vital for smooth transportation services. You’ll load and unload packages, organize shipments, and make sure deliveries and pickups happen on time. Beyond that, you’ll check shipments to meet FedEx’s high standards and deliver top-notch customer service. Your job might involve some additional tasks as needed. Join in keeping things running smoothly!

Company Overview:

FedEx Express delivers excellence worldwide, spanning 220+ countries. Their mission is simple: ensure every customer encounter is exceptional, living up to the FedEx Purple Promise. They champion diversity, prioritize safety, and foster success for their team. Join t FedEx Express, where every journey is an opportunity to shine. Equal opportunity employer – They welcome veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Job Positions:

Warehouse Handler/Delivery Driver


The job for getting have some qualifications The job qualifications are the following:


For the job of warehouse handler delivery driver candidates have a High School Diploma/GED


The job for No prior experience required

Physical capability:

Germany Warehouse Handler Delivery Driver Jobs for candidates have a physical fit some requirements have been followed:

  • Lift up to 50 lbs and handle packages above 50 lbs with suitable equipment or assistance
    Interpersonal skills:
  • The candidates have good human relations and verbal communication
  • To candidates maintain a neat appearance for customer interactions
  • Ability to communicate verbally in a time-sensitive manner, even in a noisy operations environment safety commitment:
  • Non-covered safety-sensitive position, requiring constant alertness and a strong commitment to working safely

Job Skills:

Germany Warehouse Handler Delivery Driver Jobs for have some skills. The skill has been following”

  • Proficient heavy-lifting capability
  • Clear and impactful verbal communication
  • Exceptional customer service aptitude
  • Strong commitment to safety awareness

Jobs Benefits:

Germany Warehouse Handler Delivery Driver jobs have many benefits including. The benefits are the following:

  • Attractive compensation
  • Extensive perks package
  • Room for professional growth
  • A secure and inclusive workplace
  • Acknowledged as a top employer in the field

Job Duties:

Some duties include German warehouse Handler Delivery Driver jobs. The duty has been the following:

  • Load, unload, and move stuff.
  • Organize packages neatly.
  • Deliver and pick up packages on time.
  • Ensure packages meet FedEx standards.
  • Help customers with a smile.
  • Do extra tasks as needed.

How to Apply?

To apply for a delivery driver position with FedEx in Germany, visit Explore the available opportunities, ensure you meet all requirements, and complete the application process by submitting the necessary documents online. This straightforward step not only allows you to apply but also opens the door to a potential and fulfilling career with FedEx in Germany.

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