General Farm Worker Harvesting Jobs in Canada 2023

General Farm Worker Harvesting Jobs in Canada 2023

Factors Farms is looking for hardworking people to join us as Harvesting Specialists. They are based in the beautiful area of Kelowna, BC, and we focus on growing different types of crops without chemicals.

As an important part of our team, you’ll help grow and pick top-notch crops. If you love farming in a way that’s good for the Earth and like being outside, this job is just right for you!

Jobs Details:

Job Title General Farm Worker – Harvesting
Company Factors Laboratories Ltd.
Location Kelowna, BC
Salary $16.75 an hour
Job Type Full-time
Education No degree, certificate, or diploma required

Job Description:

As a Farm Worker, your main job is to gather crops. You’ll do things like cut plants, pick vegetables by hand, and help plants grow. You’ll also plant seeds, take care of plants, and water them. Removing weeds and collecting the final harvest is also part of the job.

You’ll need to know how to use and take care of farm machines. In the job, work candidates lift a heavy weight and perform all the work which is important in farm work. The candidates spend time caring for the animals or farming.

Job Requirements:

The job requires some job requirements which must have every candidate. The candidates must complete all criteria which are the following:

  • No need for a special school paper.
  • If you’ve worked on a farm before, that’s a plus!
  • You’ll be working during specific times of the year.
  • It’s important to understand and speak English well.

Skills Requirements:

The job required some requirements. It is very important which are the following:

  • Hardworking and committed to farming.
  • Can handle tough physical tasks and lift heavy things.
  • Knows how to use and take care of farming tools and machines.
  • Understands the basics of growing and collecting crops.
  • Can work in different weather and outdoor settings.

Performing Task:

In the job candidates are responsibilities and performing some specific tasks which are the following:

  • Picking veggies by hand
  • Using a tool to dig around plants
  • Putting seeds in the ground, taking care of them, and giving them water
  • Removing unwanted plants
  • Gathering ripe crops
  • Using and looking after farm machines and tools

Physical Requirements:

This job requires you to be strong and active. You’ll lift heavy things, stand for a long time, walk around, and do tasks like bending down, crouching, and kneeling.

Language Requirements:

Good English skills help me talk well with coworkers and bosses.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in the general farm worker. To apply for the job candidates make a full fill in all the requirements that are needed for the job. First candidates make a CV with all of their important documents.

After making a document and completing all criteria. Candidates visit the company’s official website. Contact for the jobs through the company email or send your resume through the company email

  • Email Adress:

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