Garbage Collector Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Garbage Collector Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you searching for jobs in Europe? Scotland Dundee city is seeking suitable candidates who are clean city. The Dundee City Council is looking for people to help keep their city clean! We need temporary Refuse Collectors who are ready to work hard. Your job is important – you’ll be picking up and getting rid of household, industrial, and commercial waste. If you are fit, can work on your own or with a team, and care about a safe and clean city, They want you to apply!

Job Details:

Job Title: Refuse Collector
Location: Germany
Job Type: Temporary
Employer: Dundee City Council
Salary: 25,582 Pound – 26,218 Pound per year
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

Dundee City Council requires individuals to work as Refuse Collectors at Marchbanks or Baldovie depots. The jobs are full-time, with a duty of 37 hours per week. The duty starts from Monday to Friday, and two additional days are allocated as holidays. The job lasts for 13 weeks and is temporary. They are seeking dedicated individuals to join.

Company Overview:

Dundee City Council takes care of their city and helps make it better for everyone. They work to keep Dundee clean and healthy by managing waste properly. Their goal is to make sure that trash is disposed of responsibly, so their city stays nice for all of them.

Educational Qualification:

The refuse cleaner job requires no higher degree or any educational qualification. The candidates must have basic numeric, reading, and writing skills.

Distance Coverage:

In the job, candidates are able to cover reasonable distances on foot (up to 5 miles per day). In the duty, one day candidates clean a 5-mile area.

Physical Requirements:

In the job, candidates are required to have a physically fit body, capable of covering a 5-mile distance. So, candidates must be good and fit. The candidates are able to lift a 25-pound weight.

Job Responsibility:

To be responsible for some work in garbage collector jobs which are the following:

  • Gather trash from homes, businesses, and factories in different places
  • Team up with others to get the job done
  • Do the work safely by following health rules
  • Listen and follow directions for picking up garbage
  • Use your hands well to handle things properly
  • Be nice to people while doing the job
  • Be ready for different tasks
  • Walk a good amount each day for the job


The garbage collector is paid a £25,582 – £26,218 salary. These salaries are paid per year.


In the job, candidates apply for a good salary. They are offering a visa sponsorship. Some benefits have been the following:

  • Short-term job with a chance to stay longer
  • Learn new things with training options
  • Help make the world cleaner and healthier
  • Work in a friendly and inclusive place

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in Garbage Collector jobs, candidates must meet all criteria required for the positions. The candidates should send their documents to on the company email. If candidates have any questions, they can contact the company number.

  • +44 (0)1382 384141

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