Canada Visa & Work: Full-Time Mushroom Picker Jobs (No Degree Needed!)

Canada Visa & Work: Full-Time Mushroom Picker Jobs (No Degree Needed!)

Are you unemployed? Do you lack any educational qualifications? This job is a great opportunity for you. The job does not require any educational qualifications. This job is a mushroom picker position announced by Ravine Mushroom Farms! It is a great chance to help in farming, especially with picking their amazing mushrooms. Join a hands-on role today in gathering their top-notch mushroom harvest!

Job Details:

Job Title: Mushroom Picker
Company: Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd
Location: Canada Aylmer, ON
Salary: $16.55 per hour
Job Type: Permanent, Full-time
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

With the mushroom picker, you are able to work in the countryside picking mushrooms. You will tidy up the work areas, sort and pack fruits and veggies, and move crates and supplies on the farm. This job needs you to be quick, strong, and pay close attention to details.

Company Overview:

Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd, based in Aylmer, ON, is a top farm that grows and delivers excellent mushrooms. They have been doing this for a while and feel happy about how they farm sustainably and make fresh, awesome mushrooms for you.

Job Positions:

  • Mushroom Picker


The Mushroom Picker job requires no degree, certificate, or diploma.


There is no need for any experience for mushroom picker jobs. If you join the farm, Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd gives a 3-month training for your work.

Duty Role and Responsibility:

To perform a mushroom picker job, some roles and responsibilities are included:

  • Pick mushrooms from rows and orchards
  • Keep your work area neat and tidy
  • Arrange fruits and vegetables based on quality
  • Move crates, supplies, and farm produce on and off
  • Follow safety rules and work in tough conditions

Duty Time:

The Mushroom picker job is full-time, and work is permanent. The duty time starts at 7 am and ends at 2 pm.

Visa Sponsorship:

The Mushroom Farms Ltd provides visa sponsorship for this position.

Salary and Benefits:

In the Mushroom Picker job, candidates are receiving a $16 per hour salary. Health, food, and many other benefits are provided in the jobs.

Work Language:

For the Mushroom picker job candidates must be able to speak the English language.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in mushroom picker jobs and wish to become a part of Ravine Mushroom Farms, candidates should have a neat and clean record, free from any involvement in crime. If you meet these criteria, please contact us at This email allows you to directly connect with the company.

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