Bus Driver Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Bus Driver Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you seeking a bus driver in Singapore in 2024? You have good driving skills. That is a great opportunity for you. Join the NAS Employment Agency Pte. Ltd. as a Bus Driver in vibrant Singapore! The NAS Employment Agency Pte company needs a 20 bus driver. All candidates can apply. The job is a great opportunity for a suitable candidate to make a career in Singapore.

Job Details:

Job Title: Bus Driver
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Singapore
Salary: 3,500$ – 4,600$ per month
Visa Sponsorship: available

Job Description:

As a Bus Driver at NAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, your main job is to drive the bus safely, taking workers to various places while following traffic rules. Your responsibilities include checking the bus before and after each trip, helping workers get on and off, and keeping the bus neat. Communication with dispatch and fellow drivers is crucial for planning routes and schedules. If there are problems or the bus needs fixing, report it quickly. You must also attend training sessions and meetings.

Company Overview:

Come aboard NAS Employment Agency PTE. LTD., a top-tier employment agency in Singapore. Join us as a Bus Driver, where you’ll be the key player in ensuring the safe and smooth transportation of workers to different places. Their workplace is all about support, and They are dedicated to offering competitive pay and a variety of perks to their valued team members.

Job Positions:

  • Bus Driver

Job Requirements:

T applying for a bus driver job candidates have some requirements about a bus driving jobs which are the following:

Clean Driving Record:

The Singapore bus driver job for candidates have a maintain a clean driving record with no accidents or violations. The for-the-job candidates have cleaners’ certificates not involved in any crime require neat and good clean records.

Driving Skills:

The job for candidates possessed excellent driving skills with a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and regulations. The candidates have a certificate in driving rules and regulations.

Communication Skills:

The job of bus driver candidates has good communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with passengers and team members.

Flexible Schedule:

The candidates have ability to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays.

Physical Health:

The candidates have good physical health with the ability to lift heavy objects. The candidates do not have any fault in the body. Candidates are physically fit not a problem in any body parts.

Job Responsibilities:

The bus driver job for candidates has some roles and responsibilities which are the following:

Operate with Safety:

The bus driver jobs candidates know the rules and regulations about driving and the laws about driving rules of Singapore. The candidates are nay traffic rule is known and follow.

Vehicle Wellness Check:

Conduct thorough pre and post-trip inspections to guarantee the bus’s optimal working condition. Regular maintenance checks contribute to a secure and reliable transportation service.

Passenger-Focused Assistance:

Provide support to passengers during boarding and exiting, creating a seamless and comfortable travel experience. Uphold a passenger-first approach to enhance overall satisfaction.

Interior Cleanliness Maintenance:

Keep the bus interior clean and organized, promoting a pleasant environment for passengers. A tidy space contributes to a positive and enjoyable journey for everyone on board.

Effective Communication:

Coordinate routes and schedules with dispatch and fellow drivers as required. Open and efficient communication ensures smooth operations and helps in addressing any unexpected challenges.

Prompt Emergency Reporting:

Report accidents, incidents, or mechanical issues promptly to the appropriate authorities. Swift reporting is crucial for the safety of all involved and facilitates a timely resolution.

Commitment to Training and Meetings:

When candidates apply for the jobs.When selection is done in the company. The first duty-starting candidates are given 3-month driving training and told some rules and policies about the company.


The Bus driver pays a monthly salary of $3,500- 4,600$ per month

Visa Sponsorship:

That’s great news for suitable candidates. The NAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY PTE. LTD annouced visa sponosrhsip.The candidates do not need any money to buy a Singapore visa all tickets and traveling expenses are free from the company.

How to Apply?

If you have an interest in Singapore bus driver jobs. To apply for a bus driver job first complete all requirements of a NAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY PTE. LTD company all formalities. Candidates who make resumes are sent through the company email info@usa.m3.com. The candidates must apply. That is the greatest opportunity.

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